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Chin Strapped Gin from Devon

Chin Strapped Gin from Devon

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Chin Strapped Gin from Commando Spirit is a handcrafted small batch spirit distilled close to Dartmoor where today’s Commandos complete the course to earn the coveted green beret.

The original Commandos training base in 1940 was in the Scottish Highlands, but today much of their training is done in the southwest of the UK. Commandos are drawn from all elements of the armed forces and the original motto of these early Commandos, “United we Conquer” is still in use today.

Chin Strapped Gin takes its name from the military slang synonymous with Commando training.  The arduous nature of the course means that individuals often feel ‘chin strapped’ or very tired, as if hanging from the chin strap of their helmet!

Chin Strapped Gin is handcrafted using traditional and non traditional botanicals, some of which grow wild on Dartmoor, including gorse flowers and bastard balm or royal velvet.  Spicy notes from pink peppercorn and cardamon blend with citrus/herbal notes from limes and lemon verbena.  These are combined with crystal clear spring water from Riddestone Dew, near Winkleigh, Devon.

Chin Strapped Gin is an elite flavoured spirit that encourages a culture of positive wellbeing and comradeship.  It connects the memories of the past with the hopes of tomorrow. It is a gin to be savoured and shared.

A gin to lift your spirits.

  • 42% ABV
  • 70cl / 700ml
  • Product of England
  • Available for UK Shipping only
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